Cemeteries in the Hamilton Area

The City of Hamilton owns and operates over 60 cemeteries which are designated as Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries. Together they include approximately 500 acres. The oldest of the Municipal Cemeteries is the Hamilton Cemetery at 777 York Boulevard. It is not only the oldest municipal cemetery in Hamilton but is, in fact, the oldest municipal cemetery in Canada. While some of the municipal cemeteries are either inactive or fully sold, there are municipal cemeteries which are still in common use. For information about these municipal cemeteries select Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries. There are links on the sidebar on that page which lead to additional cemetery history and information.

The Ontario Genealogical Society is currently engaged in a project to identify all the cemeteries in Ontario and to provide Internet access for those wishing to search for ancestors. Access to this material is available at the Ontario Genealogical Society web site.

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